Hello, My name is Sue Toby and I own Insideout Homestore in Victoria BC.  After being in business for over 21 years I felt like I needed a boost.  I needed a business coach, mentor and friend to run ideas with me and to help put them in action. 

After doing some due diligence to find the right coach for myself I came across Paul Lamoureux.  I had interviewed a few coaches and decided I needed one who had personally owned a business and knew what was involved and had his own life experiences that he grew from.  After deciding on Paul it only took a short time to realize I had made the right choice, so our wonderful, hard year began.  Who knew this was going to be the best money I have ever spent on myself.   

This incredible experience was an overwhelming amount of hard work, a few tears of frustration, much joy and success.  I told Paul the ideas I had to both keep progressing my business and to give me a more level private life.  In the one year with Paul, I was able to buy my new home, double my income and actually find the right person to help run my business so I can have that time off.
Susan Toby
Insideout Homestore

After battling breast Cancer I thought I had it all figured out, I had a new lease on life was full of gratitude, positivity and perspective but did I REALLY have it figured out ?
So here it is … I wasn’t living my best life, I started meeting weekly with Paul my life coach.
Coaching with Paul I found he was always focused, a great listener, compassionate and also asked the questions that needed to be asked , these are just a few of his amazing qualities in being the catalyst to  helping me discover the best version of myself.
I found new clarity and made changes on how I was handling many interactions in my life on a daily basis for example with my girls as well as co-parenting effectively , I learned the difference between reacting and responding , it really has made a impact in my life .
Accountability, that’s a huge word and with it goes acceptance , don’t look back your not going that way, accept what is and move on , take responsibility, just another important part of my life Paul guided me to realize .
I am so incredibly grounded and focused now and have a deep calmness , self awareness and I really know who I am .. more so now , than ever .

Remember my name Rona Rossouw , as your going to be hearing a lot more about me and what I am achieving now ! Today I am living the best version of myself . All I can say is WOW , what an experience.Forever grateful Paul , thank you 🙏

Rona Rossouw

Paul was instrumental in providing me a with a sounding board for strategic decision making during a challenging time when significant changes had to be made for the benefit of the organization. His experience provided me with an opportunity to work through important decisions and plans in advance of exposing them to the executive team and the organization. He is an independent advisor who can provide frank and neutral feedback that would have been difficult to find inside my workplace. I would highly recommend Paul for his ability to probe for what is really important and for his ability to listen carefully. He helped bring focus to decisions that were apparent but only became clear after discussion with him. His ability to stay focused on what is important for both myself and the business was invaluable.

Barry Dodd
ParetoLogic Inc
Victoria, BC

Paul is such a compassionate, charismatic and talented coach who helped me reflect on my active personal and professional life, incorporating a number of tools, perspectives and strategies to lead a more fulfilling balanced life with some important “me” time. The net result was greater Zen, happiness and positive vibrations. Thank you Paul for allowing me to discover what’s important in my daily life and how to achieve a higher state of mind, spirit and body. You are a great human being!

Elton Pereira
ParetoLogic Inc
Victoria, BC

I was at a crossroad of my career after serving a software company for almost a decade, I was very fortunate to have Paul as my coach at the time I needed the most. He brought in his own professional experience, and his study in leadership and coaching. Through working with him, I was able to clarify what was on my mind, set up vision and goals of my career, and develop strategic and tactic steps towards my career move.

Paul’s style of coaching gave me no pressure or stress on dealing with the weight of the subjects, I felt I was very well supported yet comfortably guided to find out what I wanted to be and how I could get there.

His coaching could touch on both professional and personal basis. At one session, he helped me to have made a simple yet tremendously important decision on a particular parenting matter.

The coaching experience with Paul was invaluable to me and I would like to recommend his service to anyone who is in need.


I want to personally thank Paul Lamoureux for his coaching expertise. This was a whole new experience for me! What I found most helpful was that Paul helped me to see another side of myself in situations that we discussed. He provided space within our meetings for me to find clarity on issues so that I could uncover possible solutions and opportunities that I perhaps never realize existed. Very skilled and professional at all times. I’m really grateful for his coaching and guidance!

Deborah Wakeham
Regional Manager
Junior Achievement BC – Vancouver Island Region

I found my sessions with Paul to be professional and productive. Paul is a very good listener who equally skilled at gathering information and prompting further conversation and reflection via well timed questions and comments. Paul stresses confidentiality – that combined with an un-judgmental demeanor makes for relaxed and open sessions – where nothing is off the table. Paul has the tools and the know how – be ready for some eye-openers and a few uhuh moments!

I trust Paul and without that these sessions would not work.

Sean Young
IT Manager, Paretologic Inc

It was a great pleasure to work with Paul as both my coach and mentor. Paul maintained a high level of professionalism as we worked together to identify a specific challenge. He was easy to talk to, demonstrated great listening skills and asked some very challenging but relevant questions as we worked through our coaching sessions. Paul is a very positive and knowledgeable leader and provided an effective way to guide, encourage and support me through this journey. I look forward to working with you again Paul.


Carla Baehler
Manager of Administrative Services
Saanich Police Department